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"Chase the sun in my head
Blistered skin turning red
I can't complain
It's something to do
Cloud my mind and erase you..."
~Fuel's "Scar" (Something Like Human 2000)

"Since you're gone
All is wrong
Nothing seems the same down here
And if you're gone
And I'm alone
Who's heart will I scar now dear..."
~Fuel's "Scar" (Something Like Human 2000)

"I gave you everything
I gave you trust and salvation
I gave you everything that I could provide
I gave you strength to stand and you shoved me down..."
~Fuel's "Down" (Something Like Human 2000)

"Another pill I'm to consume
To make me learn to feel again
Is followed by another one
To make me lose the same
God if I could only recognize
the things to make me whole again
And draw this air into my lungs
Remember how to breath..."
~Fuel's "Solace" (Something Like Human 2000)